Jefferson prevails against Marshall

Uzma Rentia, Staff Reporter

Although the sky was beginning to darken the air was turning humid, the Jefferson girls tennis team shone brightly. They returned home victorious following the last regular match of the season against Marshall high school, held on May 6. The team won 6-3, redeeming them from their loss against the school just a week earlier. The win brings their season record to 12 wins and two losses.

“The last time we played them, like a week ago, we lost 6-3, and today before we had to leave we were up 4-2 which is amazing,” junior Ankitha Yanamandra said.

The wins serves as an ideal way to end the teams largely successful season. The success falls in line with previous year’s, as a consistent team, they usually do just as well or better every season.

“Overall we’ve had a very strong season despite all the mishaps with the weather, transportation, and the fact that we don’t have home courts. I’m really proud of everyone on the team, and I’ve seen a lot of the players improve in both technique and confidence on the court as the season progressed,” senior Anna Venetianer said.

The team’s next hurdle is to perform well in the state championship. They hope that their strong performance this season is indicative of them doing well. Regardless of whether or not they place during states, the team will still feel a loss as the they lose key players. The team will be short of five old faces as some of the team members will be graduating this year.

“We have five seniors leaving the team this year, but hopefully we’ll have good incoming new freshmen to take our place,” Venetianer said. “Without any home courts it’s been really hard to get a crowd and have people cheering us on during our matches, so hopefully next year the team can bring more spirit.”