Students practice Friday afternoon for the upcoming I-Nite performances


Ankit Agrawal

Namaste Girls rehearse after school for their I-Nite performance on Mar. 14

Ankit Agrawal, Online Staff

Every year, Jefferson’s much anticipated International Night (I-Nite), hosted by Namaste, takes place, and this year’s performance is only two weeks away on Mar. 14 at George Mason University (GMU). Many of Jefferson’s clubs choose to take part in this exciting event. This includes cultural clubs such as Black Student Union (BSU) and Namaste, honor societies, such as Spanish Honor Society, and even groups like the American Sign Language Club (ASL) and Poi.

“Of course, I am looking forward to my performance, but I also am looking forward to watching other performances and discovering what made I-Nite such a huge part of the TJ year,” freshman Ian Moritz, performer for German Honor Society, said. “As this is my first I-Nite, I am not certain what to expect. But, I can’t wait nevertheless!”

Many in-school practices have taken place over the past few months, but this past Friday, Feb. 27, marked the first major practice for the performers this year. This practice, which lasted from right after school up until 7:00 p.m. and took place at Jefferson, was a way for all the clubs to be able to finally start pulling their performances together, and figure out any missing pieces that they may have not had. Clubs went on one at a time and performed in the center of Gym 2 as their own “stage,” with the other students surrounding the performers and cheering them on.

“Especially with representatives from George Mason coming, I think it’s vital that groups understand how important it is to be prepared for the actual show,” junior Dhruv Gupta, Namaste president and performer for Namaste Guys, said. “We will be marking off the actual size of the stage so that groups will be able to get a feel of where they will be performing. We basically need to ensure that the groups are able to smoothly transition and are comfortable with everything.”

Two hours after practice, students were able to buy the fast selling tickets for their families, which last year sold out in less than two hours and this year sold out in half the time. And from now on, many more practices will be taking place for clubs during lunch, eighth periods, and after school. Other practices similar to Friday’s will be taking place later as well, such as during the last two to three days before I-Nite when performers will have the opportunity to practice on the GMU stage itself. No matter the case, everyone seems to be looking forward to the annual event, and hopes it’ll be just as hyped and energy-filled as last year’s.

“The best part has to be rehearsing towards the end and seeing everything come together,” sophomore Sishaar Rao, performer for Namaste Guys, Persian Club, Swing Dance and Namaste Couples, said. “The lunch practices are also so much fun because you see all your friends doing other dances, and everybody having fun. The atmosphere is the best part about the I-Nite experience.”