Jefferson Science and Engineering Fair winners released


Sophomore Aaron Gu explains his project at the 2015 Science Fair.

Uzma Rentia

On Feb. 9, the winners of the Jefferson Science and Engineering Fair were released.

The Fair, which occurred on Feb. 4, allows students to their experiments to the students, faculty, and judges. There are over 16 topics to choose from, ranging from mathematics to microbiology and computer science.

Students who received the best evaluations will be eligible to advance to the regional level. From there, given that they are awarded at regionals, they will compete in the state level. The final step in the process is the International Science and Engineering Fair held from May 10-15.

Animal Sciences

First place: Prerana Katiyar

Second place: Arvind Srinivasan and Soren Christensen

Behavioral and Social Sciences

First place: Pooja Chandrashekar

Second place: Annie Abraham and senior Sreya Atluri

Third place: Asha Krishnakumar

Honorable mentions: Rishitha Anumola and Varun Saraswathula


First place: Linda Allworth Allworth and Shruti Anant

Second place: Heather Lukas

Third place: Maya Chung and Peter Kim

Honorable mentions: Audrey Park, Elizabeth Hu and Sofia Kruszka

Cellular and Molecular Biology

First place: Prathik Naidu

Second place: Sojung Park

Third place: Kavya Kopparapu

Honorable mentions: Thuy-Vi Nguyen


First place: Adrien Bernard and Janice Ong

Second place: Julia Casazza

Third place: Ray Liu

Honorable mentions: Matthew Barbano, Winston Ou, Aria Kim, Yeonju Kim, Jeffrey Liu, Jevin Lin, Kevin Lin, Victoria Yang, Patrick Ryan

Computer Science

First place: Clarissa Scoggins and Rohan Suri

Second place: Pranay Singh and Rohan Pandit

Third place: Dhruc Gupta and Srijith Podvual

Honorable mentions: Ashwim Srinivasan

Energy and Transportation

First place: Hongyi Guan, Julian Vallyeason and Seung Ha Lee

Second place: Christian Tae

Engineering: Electrical and Machinery

First place: Ava Lakmazaheri

Second place: Matthew Kramer

Third place: Rohan Yaradi

Engineering: Materials and Bioengineering

First place: Richard Oh

Second place: Satvika Kumar

Environmental Management

First place: Sung Joon Park

Second place: Zoe Wang and Lindsay Williams

Third place: Sophia Bennett and Shani Cave

Honorable mentions: Katherine Cox and Swathi Balakrishnan

Environmental Sciences

First Place: Akhil Waghmare

Second place: Charlene Franke and Aaron Gu

Third place: Valentine Lohr

Honorable mentions: Claire Murphy, Gwen Blasco, Jeong-In Seo, Parth Desai and Billie Males


First place: Jung Yoon Kim

Honorable mention: Haarika Chalasani

Medicine and Health Sciences

First place: Tarun Kamath, Annika Kim and Jessica Wu

Second place: Eduard Danalache, Ramya Radhakrishnan and Adam Yee

Third place: Shreya Bhatia, Rhea Sharma and Jenny Zhu

Honorable mentions: Minh-Quan Nguyen and Peter Zhao


First place: Matthew Park

Second place: Daniel Chae

Physics and Astronomy

First place: Michael You, Andrew Chrbonneau, Brian Li

Second place: Theo Richardson

Third place: Christopher Blagg, Steven Androphy, Remy Freire, Alec Jessar and Gavin Moore

Honorable mentions: Jared Bastian, Donny Waymire, Joo Young Kang, Katherine Van Kirk and Rollin Woodford

Plant Sciences

First places: Ali Mochida, Jennifer Lee and Lily Wittle

Second place: Morgan Sizemore and Sarah Falls

Third place: Nikhil Srinivasan