‘The Mindy Project’ fails to impress with mid-season premiere


Photo courtesy of fox.com/the-mindy-project

Kate Deng, Entertainment Editor

After the Christmas special where Mindy Lahiri (Mindy Kaling) was offered a Stanford University fellowship, she travels to Stanford in the Season 3 mid-season premiere on Jan. 6, temporarily leaving behind her medical practice.

Unfortunately, the Stanford fellowship is not as Mindy pictured. After a horrible first impression, Mindy’s advisor, Dr. Gurglar (Tate Ellington) ends up disliking her and thinks she’s a spoiled ‘blonde’ in the medical world. After realizing she can’t handle things on her own, she asks her boyfriend Danny Castellano (Chris Messina), who was good friends with Dr. Gurglar when they went to medical school together, to help her out.

The couple ends up going on a double date, and Dr. Gurglar’s impression of Mindy changes for the better. After the date, though, Mindy and Danny end up getting into a fight, which causes Mindy to doubt her ability to handle the fellowship, but Mindy ends up embracing the fellowship as a positive thing, and asks Dr. Gurglar not to give her special treatment, and tells Danny that she wants to handle things on her own.

Although this episode was typical of “The Mindy Project”, it definitely did not leave me wowed, nor did it make me want to continue watching throughout the rest of the season. The whole storyline was a little shallow, with a lot of emphasis on Mindy’s ‘dumb’ actions and personality.

The one scene I did enjoy was when Dr. Gurglar gets into an accident and Mindy stitches him up. Mindy realizes that she is strong, and can do things on her own. Because this skewed from the regular theme of the episode, it was a nice refreshing change.

Usually I enjoy watching “The Mindy Project” and get many laughs from it along the way, but the mid-season premiere definitely failed to impress me.