tjTOMORROW: University of Miami

Representative Rochelle Boreland presented the features of the University of Miami at the College and Career Center on Oct. 20.

Representative Rochelle Boreland presented the features of the University of Miami at the College and Career Center on Oct. 20.

Stav Nachum, News Editor

Name: University of Miami

Location: Coral Gables, FL

Freshman Class Size: 2,025

Strong Programs: study abroad program, undergraduate research opportunities, School of Business Administration and Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science

Representative: Rochelle Boreland 305-284-5762, [email protected]

Located in the city of Coral Gables, FL, the University of Miami is one the nation’s leading universities. With over 180 possible majors in eleven schools and colleges, including architecture, engineering, business and marine biology, the University of Miami offers unique experiences and a broad range of opportunities for students. The university even has a twelve to one student to faculty ratio and offers students the chance to major across colleges which allows students to be more involved in their courses and to be able to mold their academics to fit their desired fields.

During the information session, the representative discussed the three major misconceptions that people seem to have when it comes to the University of Miami. Firstly, many people believe that the university is incredibly large in terms of the student body, like most state schools. The University of Miami, however, is comprised of only about 10,000 undergraduate students, which is much smaller than most state universities. Secondly, many people believe that the University of Miami is located in Miami, FL when it is in fact located in Coral Gables, FL, an area close to Miami but slightly outside the city. Lastly, the final misconception about the University of Miami is that it is a public school when it is actually a private university.

Following the information regarding the misconceptions surrounding the university, the representative spoke about the unique experiences offered at the University of Miami. For example, this university has an incredible study abroad program that most students take part in. The representative said that when she attended the University of Miami, this was the experience that allowed her to have a more global perspective and expand her studies to the entire world. Traveling the world is not the only way to expand your horizons at this university, however, as the campus is incredibly diverse in terms of race, culture, and knowledge to the point that the Princeton Review ranked the university third for race and class interaction.

The final part of the presentation was dedicated to discussing various programs at the University of Miami, including the dual honors program, for students who want to fast-track their education, the Foote Fellows program, and various merit scholarships. Each of these is available to students who choose to apply to the University of Miami if they qualify for them academically. Moreover, other programs, such as the amazing opportunities offered in terms of pre-professional advising for law or medical schools, also allow students to remain on top of their undergraduate and future graduate studies.

Overall, the University of Miami offers a mix of opportunities that only a medium-sized school can do through its class size, faculty-student ratio and obtainable prospects. This university truly provides the perfect blend of advanced academics at an Ivy League caliber and an active social life available throughout the year in countless possibilities. Whether a student is not sure if they want a large school or a small school, or even if they are not sure what they would like to major in, the University of Miami provides a middle ground that any student would enjoy and thrive in for four years.