“The Maze Runner” brings popular novel to life

Alexis Williams, Design Editor

“The Maze Runner” movie, based on the popular book by James Dashner, was released on Sept. 19. The movie starred Dylan O’Brien as protagonist Thomas, as well as Kaya Scodelario, Will Poulter, Thomas Sangster, Aml Ameen, Blake Cooper and Ki-Hong Lee.

O’Brien, most famous for his role in the popular MTV show “Teen Wolf,” was perfect for the recklessly bold Thomas, who arrives in a mysterious place called “The Glade” remembering nothing. Thomas quickly becomes obsessed with finding his way out of The Glade through the maze that surrounds it.

O’Brien was brilliant in developing the relationship between Thomas and the young Chuck, played by Cooper. Chuck wants nothing more than to see his parents again, despite the fact that he doesn’t remember them, and O’Brien is determined to help him do just that. The scenes featuring the characters were moving and full of emotion as their brotherly bond develops.

The movie producers perfectly produced the horror of the “Grievers,” the main monsters of the story. In the book, they are described as horrific part-mechanical, part-living creatures and the movie succeeds in creating the monsters of nightmares. The action scenes featuring Grievers are full of suspense.

One area in which the movie fell short was in the development of the only female character in the movie, Theresa, played by Scodelario. Although Scodelario does a good job in acting, Theresa is given hardly any lines and is mostly shown through her relationship to Thomas. In the book, Theresa is shown as a strong character, but in the movie she often seems weak or irrational.

“The Maze Runner” will not disappoint the fans of the book series, giving life to the maze that we all imagined. It is full of suspense as well as emotion, a difficult balance to achieve in an action movie. The first movie of the trilogy will definitely leave fans eager for more.