tjTOMORROW: Georgia Tech


Stav Nachum

Representative Kathleen Voss presented the features of Georgia Tech Institute of Technology at the College and Career Center on Sept. 19.

Stav Nachum, News Editor

Name: Georgia Institute of Technology

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Freshman Class Size: 3,640

Strong Programs: Colleges of Engineering, Sciences, Architecture and Business, undergraduate research, co-ops and internship programs, study and work abroad

Representative: Kathleen Voss 404-894-4154, [email protected]

Located in the heart of Atlanta, GA, Georgia Institute of Technology is a top university with six colleges: College of Architecture, College of Business, College of Computing, College of Engineering, Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts and College of Sciences. The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets are an NCAA Division I team and compete in the Atlantic Coast Conference. Georgia Tech is known for its engineering program, but its other colleges are highly ranked as well.

During the information session, the representative discussed the various programs available to students who attend any of Georgia Tech’s six colleges. The College of Engineering is the largest of the six colleges with roughly 58% of the university’s students, followed second by the College of Business that houses approximately 14% of the students.

In addition, Georgia Tech has incredible co-ops and internships programs. While both programs allow students to gain practical experience for a professional advantage, co-ops offer them time off to earn money while staying on track with their degrees, and internships provide course credit. Georgia Tech has the largest voluntary co-op program in the nation with over 3,000 students involved. Moreover, 46% of Georgia Tech’s undergraduate students have an international experience at some point during their college experience through their excellent study abroad program.

The final part of the presentation was dedicated to discussing the school’s student life. Georgia Tech has over 400 student organizations including 56 fraternities and sororities, over 50 cultural and diversity organizations and over 30 arts related groups. With something on campus for every student, Georgia Tech’s experience is so much more than simply the Atlanta area surrounding the campus.

Georgia Tech is a school with ample opportunities for anyone. Whether you want to be an engineer and know this is the place for you, or have an interest in business but want a small atmosphere within a larger school, this is the place for you. The representative urged students to remember that no matter where they end up in for college in the coming years, they will enjoy it and it will be the right fit for them. Georgia Tech truly has incredible opportunities for any students either in science, engineering, or any of their other excelling fields.