Students explore 8th period clubs at activities fair

Just as all the booths finished setting up, freshmen and froshmores, the term for sophomores who are new to Jefferson, flooded Gym 2 on Sept. 15 for Jefferson’s annual Activities Fair. The fair allowed students to explore a variety of clubs at Jefferson, ranging from Debate to Biology Society.

The 8th period clubs and activities is a very important part of the Jefferson experience because it allows students to pursue their passions and explore new interests. With over a hundred clubs to choose from, most students are able to find something they are interested in.

“The activities fair was mind-blowing because there were so many clubs to choose from,” freshman Meghana Boojala said. “I already had a couple of clubs in mind so I paid more attention to those booths.”

The activities fair is also important for the clubs as well. Officers and members of the clubs set up booths and had posters, flyers, and candy to attract potential new members.

“I always love setting up a booth at the Activities Fair,” senior Sreya Atluri, the Secretary-General of Model United Nations, said. “It’s fantastic to see the amount of energy at the fair, and I really enjoy meeting the freshman, answering questions and encouraging them to get involved.”

Although the large number of clubs to choose from at the activities fair may be overwhelming, the freshmen and froshmores were excited to explore and sign up for clubs that seemed interesting to them.

“I truly believe that it’s important to encourage the freshman to join a club or activity,” Atluri said. “It can make a valuable impact in their lives and offer a wonderful sense of community within the club itself.”