Classes rehearse to perfect MEX performances


Students practice their dance moves for MEX. Homecoming week will take place on Sept. 22-27.

Esther Kim, Opinion Editor

Laughter echoed in the Gym 2 Cafeteria as students attempted to swirl while holding onto their partners’ hands, practicing one of the moves that they will perform in this year’s Musical Extravaganza (MEX).

MEX, one of the culminating events of Homecoming week, features a musical performance of members from each class. Incorporating music and dances that match each class’ Homecoming theme, the performances heighten the intensity of class competitions that occur during the week.

“Our class is really hyped about Homecoming this year, but I think we’re most excited about MEX and the float,” freshmen Lilian Wang, one of FroshComm members, said. “We’ve spent a lot of time planning and preparing for them.”

Students have been practicing diligently since the beginning of the school year to perfect the performance, rehearsing during lunch and eighth periods to master the moves and collaborate with other students under the guidance of choreographers.

“It’s great to see people who aren’t dancers get super excited about MEX and watch them learn the choreography that they didn’t think they would ever be able to do,” junior Sydney Parks, one of the choreographers of her class’s MEX, said.

This year, the overall Homecoming theme is “Day and Night,” and each class’s themes will be corresponding to the overarching idea. While the senior class chose their theme as “Hollywood Nights,” the junior class chose “Knight in the Shining Armor.” The sophomore class will also be spending the week of Homecoming with the theme “Back in the Day.”

Homecoming week will begin on Sept. 22, and will end with a dance on Sept. 27. During the week, students hope to participate in multiple spirit days, engage in pep rallies and enjoy the passionate spirit of Jefferson’s student culture.

“We’ve had a huge turnout this year, and every person has committed a lot of time to practice,” Parks said. “I have no doubt that we’ll rock your socks off.”