Classes start homecoming preparations

Lindsay Williams, Online Editor-in-Chief

There aren’t many open places to go during lunch anymore. But if you walk to any big areas, including the gyms, alley auditorium or field, you can people practicing their new moves for Musical Extravaganza (MEX). Class councils are already collecting food with promises of baked goods. All this craziness is in preparation for the fourth week of school’s Homecoming Spirit Week.

Many of the classes have already started working on the big events, such as MEX and float.

“As seniors, we’re preparing to kick butt in all events, from MEX to the homecoming float, which we are building from scratch again this year,” senior class president Danial Hussain said. “Our spirit video is going to be awesome and shows our 2015 spirit.”

Some of the classes started as early as the summer, especially for MEX choreography and practice.

“We have started building our float and turned everything in to SGA. For MEX, we had a practice over the summer at Thomas Jefferson Library,” junior class president James Park said.

Even the freshmen have started work, despite the lack of head start all of the other classes had. FroshComm, the temporary class council for freshmen, is getting organized for this year’s early Homecoming.

“We have finished our float plans and our first float session is this Saturday. We’ve almost finalized MEX as well,” FroshComm member Emily Wang said.