“Tammy” brings together heart and comedy

Alexis Williams, Design Editor

“Tammy,” released on July 2, was set to have all the laughs of a trashy comedy. It had the overconfident, tacky main character that got herself into wacky situations and her “cool” grandmother that got the pair into even wackier ones. However, this comedy was unexpected in the amount of heart and depth it brought to the big screen.

Melissa McCarthy starred as Tammy, the title character, with Susan Sarandon as her grandmother, Pearl. Both McCarthy and Sarandon played their parts perfectly and developed the relationship between Tammy and her grandmother beautifully. Pearl had all of the swagger exterior and hidden self-conflict of the recovering alcoholic, while McCarthy gave Tammy the perfect fake self-confidence for a girl who just got fired from a dead-end job at a fast-food restaurant and found out that her husband was cheating on her with the neighbor.

“Tammy” certainly delivered on the laughs. Tammy herself could make a joke out of anything, and brought that humor throughout the movie, along with perfect situational humor.

However, “Tammy” was hardly shallow. The development of Tammy’s relationship with Pearl and her quest for purpose, as well as her budding romance with Bobby (Mark Duplass) during her divorce added something for the audience to think about as well.