tjTODAY Summer Photo Contest Rules

Lindsay Williams and Sandy Cho

The moment you’ve all been waiting for…

Rules and Guidelines for the tjTODAY Summer Photo Contest

1. All Jefferson students are eligible to participate

2. Photos can be landscape or portrait

3. We will choose a Best Photo of the Week and will post it in the showcase on

4. Photos can be submitted by submitting them to our website, tagging the photos with our page on Facebook, using the hashtag #tjtoday on Twitter and Instagram or tweeting @tjTODAY_news

5. Weekly winners will be announced on Fridays at 6 p. m. The competition will close each week on Friday at 9 a. m. for judging.

6. Photos will be judged by Lindsay Williams and Sandy Cho, the Editors in Chief of tjTODAY Online for the upcoming 2014-2015 school year.

7. All of the weekly winners will be included in a competition for Best Photo of the Summer. The winner of this competition will receive a free yearbook.

8. In order to award a yearbook, we must receive a minimum of 10 entries by August 3o.

9. No filters. We just want your best photography.

10. While posed photos are accepted, we will more often than not choose a candid photo over a posed one.

11. Quality counts (no bluriness), but you don’t need to have a professional grade camera. An iPhone camera or something of similar quality will do.

12. The competition will open on Friday, June 28 and close Friday, August 30 for final judging and awarding of the yearbook.

Good luck! We hope to see some great photos!