RHS holds truffle-making event


Junior Gavin Moore, a member of RHS, mixes the chocolate in a bowl for the truffles during eighth period on June 11.

Sandy Cho and Esther Kim

Rooms 204-5 filled with loud laughter as excited conversations and delicious chocolate truffles lightened the environment. Celebrating the end of school, Russian Honor Society (RHS) hosted a truffle-making activity during eighth period on June 11.

This was junior Jafr Kazmi’s induction project for the society. To prepare for the event, RHS brought in supplies of chocolate, small paper cups and wax paper, so that students could use the paper to shape the fudge into the shape of truffles they wanted. Before feasting on the treats, students rolled up pieces of fudge with wax paper before decorating them with sprinkles to create truffles.

Junior Amanda Lim thoroughly enjoyed the activity, as she has always attended the truffle-making activity every year with this year being no exception.

“I’ve gone to truffle-making every year, so it’s a bit of an unofficial tradition for me,” Lim said. “It combines unhealthy food and hanging with friends, so it’s always really fun to go to.”

The money raised from the truffle-making will help the club continue to thrive with exciting eighth period activities and events next year.

“The goal of truffle making was to educate people about Russian culinary culture, and to raise money for future Slava and Russian program efforts, such as the essay contest, Olympiada and possibly even exchange students,” junior Sam Cadd, member of RHS, said.