Students prep for final exams


Lindsay Williams, Online editor

With Monday as the last anchor day of the year, many teachers are getting ready to give their finals or have their final project presentations on the last week of classes. Students are busy studying or on Google Docs finalizing their group work for their exam blocks.

Monday will be a modified anchor day so seniors can take their sixth period finals in the morning. They will wrap up their exams on Tuesday.

“I had a lot fewer exams this year than usual, and I love that they’re early,” senior Daniel Sainati said. “I’m ready for summer to start, so early exams are great.”

Underclassmen have second and fourth on Tuesday, fifth and seventh on Wednesday, first and third on Thursday and sixth and make-ups Friday.

All subjects are required to end with a final activity. However, many teachers opted to do projects instead of exams. While some students prefer the traditional testing environment because of its comprehensive nature, others feel that culminating activities are more engaging and allow students to showcase skills that they’ve learned that aren’t actual course material.

Some classes, especially Advance Placement (AP) courses, won’t have a final project due to extenuating circumstances. For example, the calculus classes have already taken their finals, and Genevieve Delfosse’s classes have all of their grades in while she is grading AP exams. Classes with mostly seniors that have exam periods later in the week will not have activities because a majority of the students will be absent.

“Since our French teacher already left for AP grading, I’ve really enjoyed having time to socialize in French during French class, which is something we don’t always get enough time to in class,” junior Adrien Bernard said.