CPP hopes to assist student success


Photo courtesy of www.fcps.edu. The College Partnership Program (CPP) hopes to increase student enrollment in colleges.

Esther Kim, Sports Editor

Members of Jefferson’s College Partnership Program (CPP) met on May 23 to discuss the methods for presenting oneself to colleges in various situations.

CPP, a program organized by Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS), hopes to increase the number of students attending colleges in the county by providing opportunities to participate in college visits, SAT preparation sessions and various activities held to assist in the college admissions process.

“I heard about CPP from Mrs.Lathom, the advisor of the program and my counselor,” sophomore Diane Lee said. “It sounded like a great source of information for learning about and preparing for college applications and scholarships.”

The members of the Jefferson’s branch of CPP listened to a presentation by Sia Knight, an educational specialist and administrator at Falls Church High School. Knight discussed the ways to leave a positive impression on colleges during phone and face-to-face interviews.

CPP recently elected its officers for next year, in which sophomore Cheryl Mensah and junior Helen Zhang will serve as the program’s co-chairs, and junior Leon Kim and sophomore Virginia Sun will work as the Student Leadership Council (SLC) representatives.

The program hopes to assist students into learning more information on college admissions and helpful programs that may assist the admissions process.

“I hope to learn more about preparing for college applications and scholarships through the CPP monthly meetings,” Lee said.