Drama receives six Cappies nominations


Jefferson students at the 14th Annual Cappies Gala last year.

Yena Seo

Jefferson’s theater department (TJ Drama) received six Cappies nominations on Monday, May 19. Nominations were announced online on the Cappies website around 9:50 p.m., with 40 out of the 57 participating high schools receiving at least one nomination.

The Cappies, or the Critics and Awards Program, honors high school actors, techs and critics.  The program was founded by Bill Strauss and Judy Bowns in 1999 as a response to the Columbine tragedy, as an effort to recognize and celebrate the creative pursuits of teenagers in the theater. Currently, the program is international, with 17 different chapters all across North America. Jefferson and the other private and public high schools in the Washington-Metropolitan area are a part of the National Capital Area (NCA).

“I really like Cappies because you get to see what theater is like at other schools, and it’s always fun to see how other schools do shows,” senior Sib Shewit, who is on Jefferson’s critic team, said.

Jefferson received two nominations for Graduating Critic, which honors critics in their senior year, and one nomination for Returning Critic, which honors critics who are juniors. The eight-person Jefferson Critic Team was also nominated, while senior Jordan Goodson and sophomore Jake Gonzalez received nominations for Supporting Actress in a Play and Supporting Actor in a Play, respectively. Jefferson’s designated Cappies show this year was its winter production of “A Taste of Honey.”

“I was very surprised but happy,” Goodson said. “I’m happy for my fellow nominees.”

The 15th Annual Cappies Gala will be held at the Concert Hall of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts on June 8, and will be televised throughout the summer on Red Apple 21.