Students celebrate the end of AP testing


Juniors Gabe Haddad, Kali Liang and Sanjoli Agarwal spend time outside together to enjoy the end of their stressful AP weeks.

Stav Nachum, Features Editor

As Advanced Placement (AP) testing comes to a close and many courses have reduced their course load after their final exams, students across all grade levels at Jefferson can finally take a deep breath and enjoy themselves. After weeks of studying, taking final exams and finishing up final projects, it seems that many students are taking this weekend to simply enjoy themselves and congratulate themselves on their successes this year.

“I have been so stressed out over my AP tests these last few weeks and now that I am finally done I am definitely going to go and celebrate with my friends and family,” junior Shirley Burt said. “I already have plans to simply relax, maybe watch a movie, this weekend to reward myself for all of my hard work.”

Many first time AP students have also have plans to take the next few days off to reduce their rising stress from the past few weeks. Though most of them seem to admit that they were not as stressed as the upperclassmen who had multiple AP’s, they still believe that they have the right to a break.

“Since I’m a sophomore this year, I feel like being introduced to AP’s for the first time was quite stressful, because I had a lot of exams coinciding,” sophomore Jagan Doodala said. “To celebrate getting through them, I’m definitely going to a movie and just taking some time to blow off steam.”

The senior class, of course, also has reason to celebrate as they took their last AP tests of their high school career. After the AP Government exam, which was the last test for most seniors, many of them felt as if their graduation was really something close rather than a distant thought.

“We’re not doing anything in most of my classes and it feels like I am almost done with high school for the first time,” senior Jane Wertz said. “I’m so done and it feels great.”