Yoga and meditation offered during eighth period for Stress Less, Laugh More Week

Sandy Cho, News Editor

Through stretches, self-reflection and downtime, Jefferson students relaxed during both blocks of eighth period on April 30 with yoga and meditation for Stress Less, Laugh More Week.

This week, Active Minds club is holding a slew of activities to promote self-care and relaxation, especially since stress levels rise during the month of May when the daunting Advanced Placement (AP) tests clash with schoolwork.

“Our main goal is to assure the students that there is more to high school than just grades,” junior Sean Lee, secretary of the club, said. “We want them to get the most out of everything in order to have a healthy mind and lifestyle.”

Junior Sarah Falls, who has a passion for yoga, attended the yoga activity to relax and take a break from school.

“I love yoga, because it allows me to focus on something besides school and to exercise in a way that isn’t harmful to my body or dangerous,” Falls said. “There’s also a huge focus in yoga on accepting yourself, which is a really helpful message for stressed-out people.”

Members of Active Minds are pleased about the results of the activities, knowing that students are learning new ways to relax as well as having fun during this stressful time period.

“I think that both activities really fulfilled our goals of maintaining a balanced lifestyle for the students and of promoting the idea of mental and physical wellness,” Lee said. “Simply seeing others laugh is a sign that our goals are being fulfilled.”