Junior varsity girls’ soccer loses to Chantilly


Junior varsity goalie, freshman Raquel Sequeria, saves a shot from the Chantilly striker.

Stav Nachum, Features Editor

With the referees arriving to the game almost an hour late, the junior varsity girls’ soccer team continued their warm ups in preparation for their eighth game of the season. Including drills such as passing, dribbling, shooting and jogs, the team remained ready to play at any moment should the referees arrive.

When they finally appeared to start the game, the team found their positions on the field and began to play. Passing the ball and aiming to score, the girls’ junior varsity soccer team was disappointed when the other team managed to get two balls to the back of their net and they hadn’t managed to score a single goal yet. Playing hard until the end, however, the team never gave up and focused on their game until the final whistle.

“Even though we lost, I feel like we played really well and put in a  good effort for the entirety of the game. Even after the first goal we kept playing hard,” sophomore Jordan Ganley said. “I feel like our record this season does not reflect the effort we have put in and I know that a victory is close for us.”

Though the team has a current record of no wins, one tie and six losses, they all believe that their hard work and dedication to their team throughout the season. However, as a result of having several injured players with hurt ankles and knees, the team is lacking in subs and as a result needing additional players to join in for their games.

“Since three of us are currently injured and can’t play we have pulled down some varsity people to fill in the sports spots that are empty,” junior Marissa Einhorn said. “I hate the fact that I can’t play for my team right now since I hurt my ankle in one of our previous games and I know some of the girls aren’t happy about being pulled down to JV, but this is necessary to get through this season without having to play down in every game.”

Losing to Chantilly today was not particularly a good moment for the team, but they believe that they are playing well despite their current record showing the opposite. With the effort they put in during practice being continued onto the field, the entire team believes that if they continue as they are playing now they will eventually come out on top.

“Since it’s my first year playing a high school level team I am very happy and excited to be a part of the team,” freshman Kristen Halper said. “We are working so hard as a team and I know that we will win at least one game this season if we keep working this hard. It was sad to lose again today, but we will definitely work even harder now to win the next game.”