Jefferson telelearn day scheduled for April 7


Students access their telelearn assignments through blackboard on Monday, April 7.

Stav Nachum, Features Editor

As the rest of the county prepares to attend school on Monday, April 7 in order to replace the snow day on Jan 22, Jefferson students are instead getting ready for their telelearn day. While some of the student population is thankful for the opportunity to sleep in a bit and have work assigned online rather than in class, the majority seems to be opposed to yet another telelearn day.

It seems to be the consensus among students that this telelearn is not beneficial to those who have Advanced Placement (AP) tests, as some of the teachers have not finished covering all the necessary material for the tests. In addition, this day is not beneficial for courses such as orchestra and band, which requires the students to congregate in a classroom in order to effectively practice as a whole.

“With the AP tests coming up in about a month, I’m nervous that we won’t be able to catch up on all the material that we missed as a result of the many snow days,” junior Shirley Burt said. “I feel that giving us a telelearn day filled with busy work isn’t a solution to the days we missed, but just a way for us to waste some precious class time.”

Though there are many benefits to a telelearn day, such as the extra sleep and time to study for students, many of these students believe that these days are merely filled with busy work that is not beneficial to anyone’s education and learning.

“I enjoy sleeping in on the telelearn days because I need the much needed rest,” junior Arielle Ampeh said. “Telelearn, however, seems to be a waste of our time since we desperately need this time to prepare for our finals and AP tests in class rather than do the abundance of busy work that teacher’s assign us that doesn’t actually help us in any way.”

Overall, telelearn is a time for student to complete their assignments online and to embrace their learning from a different location. It seems, however, that this approach to education is not beneficial to most of the student population as they tend to find it filled with busy work rather than the productive activities completed during class. Especially with the stress of finals and AP tests, many of the students believe that this is a bad time for a telelearn day, especially after all the missed school.

“Telelearn is an incredible opportunity that is only at TJ and I embrace it whenever I can,” sophomore Jordan Ganely said. “This time, it just seems like an unnecessary time because we need more class time before our big tests come and this is not the equivalent to class time.”