SGA interest meeting garners attention


Photo by Anjali Khanna. Students gathered at T-33 to attend one of the interest meetings for the upcoming SGA and SAC elections.

Esther Kim, Sports Editor

Students interested in running for a Student Government Association (SGA) and Student Advisory Council (SAC) position gathered during eighth period on April 4 to attend one of the four mandatory interest meetings required to run as a candidate.

With two more interest meetings planned to take place on the second week of April, students who attend the meeting will be eligible to participate in the election after completing other required components, such as a one-page essay outlining the student’s abilities, a petition signed by at least 20 students and a scripted speech to be read on April 28 for the student population.

“SGA officers should be willing to make a serious commitment to serve the TJ community,” junior Jenny Kim, the SGA secretary, said. “That commitment is not just a time commitment, but a commitment to be a dedicated, ethical leader that other students can look up to.”

All of the required forms are to be turned in by April 23 in order to be considered as a candidate for the selected position. Although the students are not allowed to advertise themselves through different campaigning methods, they will be able to wear buttons, make and share their interests for students to read on Intranet.

Elections will begin from April 28 to May 2. Students will be allowed to vote for one person per position for SGA elections, and the results will be announced on May 2 during eighth period. The elected officers will be expected to commit a significant amount of time and dedication into SGA and SAC, who will lead next year’s Jefferson student population by shaping a more ethical and upright school community.

“The administration values the opinions of student leaders, so by voicing my opinions and by representing my peers, I feel like I can actually make the change that I want to see,” Kim said.