“Muppets: Most Wanted” gives laughs and fun to all ages

Alexis Williams, Spread Editor

“Waka-Waka!” The familiar phrase returns along with America’s favorite muppets. “The Muppets: Most Wanted,” sequel to the “Muppet Movie” was released on March 21 and featured a whole host of celebrity cameos and stars including Tina Fey, Ricky Gervais, Céline Dion, Lady Gaga, Zach Galifianakis, Tom Hiddleston, Usher Raymond and Stanley Tucci.

The new “Muppets” movie followed the success of the previous movie, which starred Jason Segel and Amy Adams; however there was almost no plot continuity, nor was there any character continuity outside the Muppets themselves. Unfortunately, the plot of this movie was less developed than that of the last one, seeming disjointed at times. Instead of being focused around a hero, it seemed to be focused around a villain. There was no main character and very little character development throughout the movie, unlike the last one.

The comedy of the “Muppets” was one of its strong points. Anyone with an ironic or dry sense of humor could laugh at the Muppets’ antics and the developing bromance between the Sam the Eagle and Interpol agent Jean-Paul Napoleon, played by Ty Burrell. Additionally, Jean-Paul Napoleon was a primarily ironic character who served to poke fun at European ineffeciencies, especially the idea that Europeans take more vacation time than Americans. Another strong point was the soundtrack. The original music, by Christie Beck, was catchy and served as the background for comedic high points throughout the movie. Especially adorable were the musical numbers in the Siberian Gulag, which poked fun at Siberian prison camps and their traditional portrayals.

A witty, ironic movie for adults and teens and a cute musical for kids, “The Muppets: Most Wanted” is a fun afternoon for all ages. While the plot is not the strongest, this American cultural icon does not fall flat in its latest sequel and lives up to the Muppets legacy of being fun for everyone.