Threshold staff begins production process


The threshold staff finishes discussions on submissions before beginning production.

Stav Nachum, Features Editor

After months of reading submissions and deciding whether or not they are a fit for Jefferson’s literary magazine, the Threshold staff is finally ready to move onto the next step in their year-long process: production. Complete with designing both the spreads and cover as well as incorporating all the accepted pieces, artwork and musical compositions into the entire magazine, the production process began on March 21 and is by far the most demanding and vital part of the year long process.

“We’ve been discussing submitted pieces since they first started coming in throughout October, but now we’re moving on to spring production when we actually create the magazine using Indesign,” senior Madie Reinsel said. “Editors and staff members design the spreads, integrating artwork and writing to create the cohesive magazine we are known for.”

All of the editors and staff members are being assigned multiple spreads to design throughout production, which is set to last from mid-March until just before spring break, when the magazine is due to the publisher in order to ensure its print in time for the end of the school year.

Winning third place in the long literary magazine category at the Journalism Education Association (JEA)/National Student Press Association (NSPA) Fall National High School Journalism Convention last year, the staff hopes to maintain their national reputation for the coming year by creating another award winning magazine.

“Production is the most crucial and creative part of the magazine. This is how we convey the piece’s meaning to the readers visually. Without proper design, the literature becomes washed,” junior Ed Fortunato said. “It’s our chance to show our staff’s talent and also make our magazine good enough for the national awards it deserves.”