Everything you wanted to know about FCPS’s most famous school board member


Anjali Khanna

McElveen presents his experience as a social media star at Jefferson’s “Flow Day”

Alexis Williams, Spread Editor

On Friday, Feb. 22, Jefferson hosted a Flow Day with several special guests. Among those was Ryan McElveen, the at-large school board member made famous by a tweet that let students know early about a snow day. McElveen’s presentation was about the joys perils of being famous on social media and served as a guide for students to navigate social media in a professional but relatable way. The tjTODAY staff took advantage of this opportunity to ask McElveen some questions.

Q: Why do you like living in Virginia?
A: The climate.
Q: How long have you been working for Virginia schools?
A: I’ve been a school board member for about 2.5 years. I worked for UVA in China for several years, as well.
Q: What jobs have you held prior to being a school board member?
A: I’ve worked in the Senate, for President Clinton’s foundation, at Boeing, and at various academic institutions
Q: What are your long-term aspirations?
A: Avoid eating too much.
Q: What inspires you?
A: The theme song to House of Cards. It is my ringtone.
Q: Favorite part of working on the school board?
A: I love the energy I get from being around students.
Q: Did you ever consider doing anything else?
A: No, I am not qualified to do much else.
Q: What advice do you have for seniors going to college?
A: Enjoy it while it lasts. By your late twenties you won’t be able to stay up past 11pm or avoid gaining weight.
Q: Favorite color?
A: Azul
Q: Zodiac sign?
A: Pisces
Q: What do you do the night before a snow storm?
A: Prepare to tweet!
Q: If you were a superhero, what power would you have?
A: I would love to have the ability to fly to get to all of my events and meetings. Oh yes, and control the weather.
Q: What would you do if you won the lottery?
A: Donate the winnings to FCPS and student scholarships.
Q: What’s the most difficult thing you’ve ever done?
A: Run for election in Fairfax County.
Q: Favorite holiday and why?
A: National Pancake Day, because I like breakfast food.
Q: What is your favorite meme of yourself?
A: One of my most favorite is the one of me in Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam” from the Sistine Chapel ceiling.
Q: Favorite FCPS school?
A: All of them, but since I graduated from Marshall it’s my fav.
Q: How has your life changed since becoming a local celebrity?
A: I have to reserve time at each event I attend to take selfies.
Q: Favorite song?
A: Beethoven’s 5th
Q: What are the chances of us having a snow day on Tuesday?
A: I don’t know yet, but after this winter will finally be over!