Policy debate team competes in Metro Finals tournament


Photo courtesy of www.wacfl.org. The website details the information needed for all the debate and speech teams.

Esther Kim, Sports Editor

Jefferson’s Policy debate team concluded its Washington-Arlington Catholic Forensic League (WACFL) season by competing in the WACFL Metro Finals tournament, which was held from Feb. 28 to Mar.1.

The outstanding teams that have excelled in the five WACFL tournaments held throughout the year were eligible to compete in the final tournament, in which the members debated six rounds and were evaluated on their speaking and persuasive skills.

“The tournament went amazingly for everyone at TJ,” sophomore Alison Li said. “Overall, the tournament was stressful, but at the same time very exciting and engaging.”

In the junior varsity division, sophomores Rishab Negi and Jay Pan scored 4-2 and placed fourth in the overall tournament, and sophomores Jeffrey Liu and Stella Yang also received a score of 4-2 and placed sixth. Li and her partner, sophomore Christine Li, also scored 4-2 and placed eighth.

In the varsity division, seniors Yana Kaplun and Richard Wang won the Metro Finals tournament with a 6-0 record in the preliminary round and qualified to the National Catholic Forensic League (NCFL) tournament, which will be held in Chicago in the coming May. Juniors Jessica Covan and Grant Guan also qualified to the tournament after placing sixth in WACFL Metro Finals.

For the entire WACFL debate season, Jefferson placed third overall, a feat that represents the successful tournament results the team brought this year. Although the WACFL season has come to its end, the members of the team hope to pursue their interests in the activity in the coming years.

“I joined debate because it helps me to become a better public speaker, but it has become a lot more than that to me,” Li said. “I am continuing debate, because I find it fun to argue and persuade the judge that my argument is better.”