Final I-Nite ticket sale garners attention


In order to get the last tickets for I-Nite, students chose the number that indicated their place in the line for tickets.

Esther Kim, Sports Editor

With Jefferson’s biggest cultural night just around the corner, the last-minute ticket sale for this year’s International Night (I-Nite) occurred on Feb. 27 during JLC.

In order to avoid commotion, students chose random numbers that indicated their place in the line. Students could buy at most two tickets, with each ticket costing $10.

“I am performing for I-Nite, and my family really wanted to see my performance since they can watch my enthusiasm and the hard work that I have put into the performance,” sophomore Abha Agrawal said.

This year, the ticket sale for the first I-Nite show at George Mason University (GMU) on Feb. 28 introduced a new online procedure. After the seats were sold out within hours, students who could not get the tickets participated in the I-Nite ticket lottery, in which the chosen students earned a ticket to the second I-Nite show held at Jefferson on March 1.

“I am really excited for the show,” Agrawal said. “I hope to see all the hard work that so many students at TJ have put in and the many aspects of different cultures through the dances and acts performed by each of the groups.”