Chinese Honor Society finishes I-Nite rehearsals


Chinese Honor Society dragon group rehearses using their puppet.

Kate Deng, Online staff

For International Night (I-Nite) this Friday and Saturday, the Chinese Honor Society (CHS) will be performing a traditional dragon dance as well as a traditional lion dance. Beginning in mid-January, lion began practicing three to four times a week for their I-Nite performance, and dragon practices two to three times a week.

“We’ve worked hard for a few months preparing for I-Nite so I’m pumped to finally get to show off what we’ve learned,” senior Mason Chee said.

Five people including a drummer will perform the Chinese Honor Society’s lion dance. Along with the lion dance, there are also nine dragon participants, along with one person on the “pearl” that the dragon follows.

Lion choreographer senior Hana Chan, decided that lion would perform to only the drums, rather than music, because that is how it’s traditionally danced. On the other hand, dragon choreographer senior Wendy Wu, decided it would help best showcase the dragon dance if performed to an instrumental version of a song called Hao Ri Zi, which translates to English as “Good Day.”

“We decided that we wanted the showcase of the lion and dragon dance to be as traditionally Chinese as possible, but we wanted to separate the two dances, which is why we decided to dance lion to the drums and dragon to Hao Ri Zi,” club president senior Eric Bo said.