Juniors receive senior technology lab assignments

Stav Nachum, Features Editor

The most anticipated course in a student’s four years at Jefferson, senior technology labs seem to be the most exciting and thrilling experience in terms of academics. On Monday Feb. 24 the junior class received their acceptances to their choice of senior technology lab.

Though all rising seniors applied for the variety senior technology labs offered at Jefferson, not everyone for their first choice. Those who did, however, and those who didn’t, are excited for what their future projects will allow them to do in terms of research and investigations.

“I was really happy about hearing that I made the biotechnology senior technology lab because it corresponds greatly with what I want to do in the future,” junior Adi Suresh said. “The opportunity to work with experts in the field will give me the chance to do what I couldn’t do before and I hope to use that opportunity the way it’s presented.”

Senior technology labs include a wise range of sciences, including astronomy, computer systems, and energy systems along with many others. Though most require prerequisite courses in order to take part in lab, students tend to enjoy these classes as well as their senior technology labs as they have the possibility to delve farther into sciences of their choosing and focus their studies on areas of research that they could have a future career in.

What students learned about in school through their various science courses inspire many senior technology lab projects. Other projects can also be based on what the student plans to study in college and eventually pursue as a career. The consensus among both teachers and students, however, seems to be that no matter what senior technology lab a student takes part in, the end result and scientific research they take part in at Jefferson has no match to that of any other school.

“I am so excited about the oceanography senior technology lab and all the research potential that the ocean holds,” junior Zoe Wang said. “Did you know that two-thirds of our planet is covered in water and yet we know near nothing about the depths of the ocean? I can’t wait for the chance to explore and discover parts of that unknown region.”

See the chart below for more about how many students from the class of 2015 were accepted to each lab.