Non-enrolled students register for AP exams


Students who are not enrolled in Advanced Placement (AP) courses can still take the AP exams if they turn in a form by March 7.

Esther Kim

With topics ranging from Art History to Biology, the range of topics that Advanced Placement (AP) courses explore is vast. However, for many Jefferson students, it is challenging to fit another AP course into their already filled schedule.

Fortunately, students who register for AP exams by March 7 have the opportunity to take them in May, even if they are not enrolled in the courses.  Students can register by filling out a form found in office A8 and paying $100 for each exam.

“I will be taking the AP Biology exam this year,” sophomore Matthew Sun said. “I asked some upperclassmen who have done the same thing in the past.”

Students who have conflicts in their AP exam schedule will take the non-enrolled exam at a later time, which will cost an additional $45.

For many students who wished to delve further into their topics of interest, this opportunity will offer them an additional acknowledgement of their excellence in academics and a deeper knowledge of the subject.

“I will be using Barron’s book and flashcards to prepare,” Sun said. “I really enjoyed Biology last year and I was disappointed that that I couldn’t take the AP course this year because of schedule conflicts.”