Senior Destinations website returns for the Class of 2014

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Shayna Hume, Editor-in-Chief

Every year, when the senior edition of the newspaper comes out, students scramble to see what that year’s results are. However, in recent years, that hasn’t been the only place to get  information about the senior destinations of Jefferson.

“As far as I know, in 2011, a TJ senior made the site to track where people went. It was then passed down to the 2012 kids and the same thing happened,” recent Jefferson alumnus Cyrus Malekpour said. “For 2013, nobody was making one and the people who ran it before weren’t responding to me, so I ended up just rewriting the website for my class.”

Every year, not only is the database’s logo updated for the current class’ year, but a fresh set of data is displayed.

“I have saved the old data  and I want to make it available so you can see how TJ kids have done over the years,” Malekpour said.

As early as winter break, the “TJHSST Senior Destinations” website is opened annually, giving students an opportunity to see other students’ statistics, acceptances and other admissions decisions. This year, the website opened on Jan. 7.

“I’ve been looking at the people who have been applying the schools that I’ve been applying to. I think that looking at other people’s stats hindered me a little, since the numbers aren’t everything. However, I do think that the website is helping the TJ community,” senior Daniel Carris said.

While a variety of information is permissible on the Destinations website, none of it is mandatory. Items include statistics like GPA, many of which are also available for anonymous comparison through Family Connection. For those looking to peruse it, data can be examined either on a student-by-student basis, or by college.

“I’m not sure about everybody at TJ, but for me, I was okay with putting down my stats on the website,” Carris said. “But I guess it’s helpful that you don’t have to put in your GPA or SAT score if you don’t want to.”

Past senior destinations compilations are available in the tjTODAY Archives!