Anushka Molugu
On to her fourth year at Jefferson, Anushka is ready to take it a little easier in school and focus on her extracurricular activities. She serves as the photography editor for TJToday and a yearbook photographer. She spent the last three years as a staff reporter in 8th periods. When she's not working on the paper, she focuses on other activities like music and tutoring. She volunteers at a program for dyslexic students called Sliding Doors. where she helps develop interests in STEM. She also tutors with a program called STEP (Saturday Towards Excellence Program) helping students grades 3 to 8 with math and science. She is fascinated with the human brain and its mechanisms and this has cultivated her interest in a career in medicine, specifically neuroscience. She finds journalism and her passion to sing as a good balance with the rigor that comes in STEM-based school and is hopeful to continue to the two when she goes on to college.

Anushka Molugu, Photo Editor

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