Seniors awarded with Booster scholarships


At the Spring Sports Banquet and Awards Ceremony on June 4, seniors Jack Brown, Patrick O’Connor, Charlotte Sheridan and Ceci Vollbrecht were awarded the Colonial Athletic Booster scholarships.

Every year, Jefferson’s Colonial Athletic Boosters gives out $1,000 scholarships to two male and two female seniors, who are recognized for outstanding achievement in both athletics and academics. In May, the seniors submitted a brief personal statement, a list of athletic and academic accomplishments, a transcript and a recommendation from a coach.

The selection committee for the Booster Scholarship consisted of staff from the office of the Director of Student Activities, as well as Booster parents of juniors and underclassmen.

“I decided to apply because the sports at TJ have meant a lot to me,” said Sheridan, a member of Jefferson’s cross country, track and field and softball teams. “Because the scholarship is only for seniors, I thought there was a possibility that I would win, and I was so surprised and happy when I received the scholarship.”

Brown, on the other hand, had already planned to apply for the scholarship at the beginning of the school year.

“I was very happy and proud that the boosters recognized my contributions to TJ sports,” Brown said. “I talked about how I was a captain in baseball and football as well as the leader of our student section during basketball season.”

O’Connor and Vollbrecht also made contributions to more than one varsity sport. O’Connor was heavily involved in football and wrestling, while Vollbrecht played field hockey and soccer.

In the fall, Brown and O’Connor will play football for The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Davidson College, respectively. Vollbrecht will be on the field hockey team at Centre College. Sheridan plans to play for the University of Alabama, although she is still undecided about which sport and the level she will play at.