SGA and 8th period clubs plan for J-Day


Students around Jefferson are frantically making last minute preparations for the annual Jefferson Day (J-Day) celebration.

During J-Day, eighth period clubs sell food in order to raise money, while other students wander campus sampling an assortment of refreshments and treats.

J-Day requires a lot of effort on the part of the clubs. Many clubs select volunteers to work shifts and bring in the ingredients weeks in advance.

Persian Club handed out a sign-up sheet to students on Monday so they could organize the members who are volunteering. Like many other culture clubs, Persian Club is selling traditional barbecued kabobs, a tradition specific to them.

“A big problem with some clubs is a lack of volunteers,” freshman Abishek Ramakrishnan said. “Persian Club offers a great incentive because they offer a free lunch to all of the volunteers.”

Some clubs are even trying to advertise their food items prior to the J-Day celebration by putting up fliers or making Facebook events. Red Cross YTF Committee Coordinator junior Tina Ju recently created a Facebook event to advertise the root beer floats that her club is selling.

Class Councils plan to sell Toy Story themed J-Day T-shirts. Historically, the T-shirt sales by class councils have been extremely successful, and the groups plan to continue the annual tradition in order to raise funds.

“You can only make about $60 from food, but T-shirts last forever,” SGA treasurer Andrew Howard said.