Students take mythology exam


Latin students of all levels sat down to take the Medusa Mythology exam on April 3. The Medusa Mythology Exam is an international Latin exam centered on Roman mythology, but written in English. About 100 students took the exam during eighth period.

Participants can get Corona Olivae and Corona Laurea certificates, along with gold, silver or bronze medals for their achievement on their exam. However, the gold medal is especially difficult to get. Only six people were awarded the gold medal last year.

To assist students in their exam preparation, student-led study sessions were held.

“The study sessions went well,” said junior Anthony Carrington, the leader of the Medusa sessions. “They started the week before spring break and were lecture-based.”

The theme of this year’s exam was the Trojan War.

“Every year there’s a different theme to the exam,” Latin teacher Patricia Lister said. “Because of the topic this year, we even had three non-Latin students take the exam.”