Keyettes club designs clay pots for nursing home


Armed with paintbrushes, paints and clay pots, the Jefferson Keyettes created hand-painted flowerpots that served as thoughtful reminders of the spring season on March 15 during B-Block.

The brightly colored flowerpots will be delivered to the Leewood Nursing Home in Annandale sometime later this month.

Every week, the Keyettes do fun arts and crafts projects in order to support local communities and centers, like the Leewood Nursing Home. Unlike some other service clubs at TJ, the Keyettes offer students a chance to display their artistic talents while helping others.

In the past, they have made lanyards for children in a local hospital as well as homemade food for a shelter.

“I like how we get to do a different activity each week that not only shows our talent but also helps others, junior Krista Opsohl-Ong said. “We have the exciting opportunity to brighten someone’s day.”