Mind Body Medicine Society hosts guest speaker


The trailer full of students erupted in laughter as they watched their classmates portraying the basal ganglia and higher order thinking parts of the brain act out the process of procrastination.

Guest speaker Janice Cairns addressed students in a special meeting of the Mind Body Medicine Society on Jan. 23. She spoke about  procrastination with a scientific twist. She informed students that the basal ganglia often causes students to forget how they feel in the long run in favor of the immediate pleasure from watching television or playing video games.

Cairns has worked in sales positions and is now an educator in professional development and a management consultant for businesses.

“I love to teach procrastination management  because in the past it had been such a problem for me.   Seeing students get that breakthrough moment when they discover their own procrastination triggers and solutions is incredibly rewarding,” Cairns said.

Many of the attending students found the presentation to be fun and interesting, especially given that the topic is so important among high school students.

“We have a lot of guest speakers, but she was really engaging. Procrastination seems like a big problem, and we need to combat it,” club president senior Zach Hosseinipour said.