Playwright’s Workshop showcases student writers


Freshman Abby Peterson plays the role of Katya in “Statuesque.”

Four female family members frantically toss out ideas on stage against the backdrop of a beeping device in Carolyn’s (sophomore Hannah Wied) hands. The beeping speeds up as the family members grow increasingly panicked, until the device finally releases a buzzing sound.

“Catchphrase,” written by junior Jordan Goodson was performed on Jan. 11 at the Playwright’s Workshop, along with “Statuesque,” written by senior Hannah Rudin.  Junior Liesl Jaeger co-directed “Catchphrase” with Goodson, while senior Saloni Chaswal co-directed “Statuesque” with Rudin.

“Mrs. Khatcheressian came up with the idea of the Playwright’s Workshop in order to give student writers, who had already written plays before the school year started, a chance to put on their shows,” Chaswal said.

“Catchphrase”  depicted a family getting together for a fun family game night, which quickly deteriorated.  The performance provoked many laughs from the audience.

“Statuesque” countered this humor with a more bittersweet story of a girl and the statues in her garden, which come to life when no one is looking. Katya, played by freshman Abby Peterson, brought a heartwarming feel to the performance.

This year’s Playwright’s Workshop was a test run for the Drama Department and may become an annual event.