TJ Compliments offers daily praise


TJ Compliments is a Facebook profile page.

It all started when four students from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, created a Facebook profile called “Queen’s U Compliments” to anonymously compliment fellow classmates.

The Jefferson version, called TJ Compliments, was created by seniors who announced their intention to stay anonymous until the end of the year. Just a month after its creation, the profile has gained more than 1,000 friends and receives so many compliment submissions that it has to limit the amount posted each day.

“I submitted a few compliments, and after two weeks, it still wasn’t posted, so TJ Compliments probably had a lot of compliments to get through,” senior Bakhtiar Chaudry said. “There’s also the fact that it’s run by students, who need to finish their work, too.”

TJ Compliments posts compliments everyday in the late evening. The identities of the seniors who run the profile will be revealed in June via Techniques.

Anonymous compliments can be submitted at