Seniors ask underclassmen to RTC


Sophomores Matt Gibbs, Vincent Billett and Parsa Zand watch as a group of seniors ask them to RTC.

Two lines of students stood in the cafeteria, creating a path to the senior lounge. Three senior girls stood at the end of the lines, waiting eagerly with blue balloons in their hands. The balloons had large letters written on each of them, spelling out “RTC.”

On Dec. 6, seniors Kaley Thornton, Sharon Zhou and Christine Galloway asked three underclassmen, sophomores Parsa Zand, Vincent Billett and Matt Gibbs to the Rob the Cradle dance. They had advertised the asking by creating a Facebook event titled “Kashtine RTC Asking,” which combines each of the askers names.

Before they officially asked the underclassmen to the dance, Thornton, Zhou and Galloway recited a poem they had written together.

When the sophomores said yes, the seniors presented them with another treat, baked goods.

Though the seniors and their dates don’t know each other very well, the seniors saw RTC as a way for the two groups to hang out and get to know each other better.

“This is our senior year, and we wanted to ask boys to a dance at TJ. All the girls are friends, and we knew the boys were friends,” Galloway said. “And they’re so nice!”