JV Baseball 10-3 Victory Against Washington Lee: Photo Gallery and Story

Ananda Kalukin, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, April 1st, Jefferson’s JV Baseball team beat Washington-Lee High School.

Jefferson started out strong in the first inning with a 2 point lead ahead of home team Washington-Lee in the first inning. However, the opposition caught up after getting 2 home runs, adding more pressure to the game.

“We came in knowing Washington-Lee was gonna be a tough game on a Monday vs a school that we knew had a lot of talent.” catcher George Lewis said.

In the second inning, the score was 2-3 in Washington-Lee’s favor. Jefferson tried to knock out Washington-Lee players, but they succeeded in getting a third home run.

“They looked really clean pregame but they underestimated what we could do as a team and we took control of all our opportunities and made them pay for their mistakes.” catcher George Lewis said.

By the end of the 2nd inning, Washington-Lee had solidified its advantage and seemed on track to win.

“We fought hard to come back from a pretty good team when we were down” player Jeb Barker said.

Jefferson scored several times and regained its advantage. By the 6th inning, Jefferson had reached 10 points while Washington-Lee was still at 3.

Other than one bad inning, we played really well, and even when we got down, we battled back to retake the lead.” player Gavin Cramer said. “Once we took a sizable lead, I shut it down the last two innings to end it. Washington lee is a talented team, but we played hard that game and got a well deserved win.”

By the 7th and last inning, the score was still 10-3 in Jefferson’s favor, but the school was still trying to score.

“We just kept our eyes on our own game and fundamentals and pulled off a pretty solid win.” player Jae Canetti said.