UNICEF hosts banquet to acknowledge world hunger

UNICEF hosts banquet to acknowledge world hunger

Students gather in the cafeteria for the banquet.

Students found themselves transforming into citizens ranging from a homeless person to an aristocrat as they participated in the UNICEF Hunger Banquet last Friday.

The Hunger Banquet is one of the most important events in Jefferson UNICEF, a club that educates students about the impact of world hunger and other global issues on children.

The event was held to acknowledge the lack of food availability in numerous developing countries through a simulation. During the event, students were assigned to represent different classes in various countries such as Korea and Ethiopia. Based upon their economic status, student received either a large or a meager amount of food.

Many students who participated in the event recognized the global impact of world hunger on many foreign countries.

“I found out that some people cannot get anything they want while others from higher classes get a lot of food,” said freshman Olivia Ireland.