Welcome to periodic element-ary school


Students arrange cupcakes to form the periodic table.

The periodic table of elements was constructed entirely of cupcakes in the cafeteria on Nov. 2. Sophomores in the Taylor-Brown-Bello CHUM came together as a whole group to present a variety of original genres and use cupcakes to symbolize each element in assembling their periodic table.

Caroline Culberson performed a rap about the element Calcium. Andrew Bolkhovitinov shared his children’s book, a story about the element Boron, with a creative twist. Jim Henris shared his scrapbook full of haikus, limericks and rhythmic rhyming poems about Helium.

These genre pieces will be posted on Blackboard and given to elementary school teachers as well to assist them in teaching the history and science of the periodic table.

English teacher Judy Bello said, “This event celebrates the courses’ interdisciplinary nature.”  World History and Geography II teacher Anna Brown said,  “It shows how each discipline forms and enhances the other.”