Latin Honor Society stages its annual Mythological Pumpkins


Sophomore Rachel Chon decorates pumpkins with pipe cleaners and glitter.

On Halloween, the famous monsters from Greek and Roman mythology returned to the present as decorated pumpkins. Sitting around the Latin room were harpies and Medusas with eyes of glitter glue and hair of pipe cleaners.

During the eighth period block on Oct. 31, the Latin Honor Society held this year’s annual Mythological Pumpkins where students decorated pumpkins depicting creatures or events that relate to Greek and Roman mythologies.

“This year, we were lucky to have it on Halloween,” co-president senior Hyae-In Seo said.

Afterwards, the pumpkins were judged in a contest with awards given out based on factors such as creativity, best use of material, scariest and most mythological.

Just like last year, the decorated pumpkins will be donated to the Leewood Nursing Home this year.

In addition, the Latin students showed off their Halloween spirit by having their very first costume contest with students dressing up in togas either as mythological or history characters. Examples were Medusa, Ariadne, Augustus and Daphne.

“Latin activities such as Mythological Pumpkins are always really enjoyable because you get to meet other students from different levelsand also spend time with your Latin friends,” sophomore Rachel Chon said. “The activities usually have to do with Latin culture, which is interesting and also an important part of history.”