French students arrive for two-week visit


French teacher Genviève Delfosse distributes visitors badges to the visiting French students

French teacher Genviève Delfosse distributes visitor’s badges to the French students.

Students visiting from Lycée Roosevelt of Reims, France arrived on campus on Oct. 22. The 22 French students will be staying with families of Jefferson students.

This is the second year Jefferson has participated in an exchange with Lycée Roosevelt. Many of the students hosting this year had participated in the exchange last year.

“I got the chance to go to France for the exchange trip last year,” sophomore Becca Merriman-Goldring said. “I really enjoyed spending time with my host, and I want to give her the same kind of experience I got in France.”

The French students will attend classes with their host students and student-organized activities outside of school until they leave on Nov. 4. Host families aim to give the visiting students a typical American experience by attending events such as football games outside of school. The French students will also be going on field trips to visit monuments and other tourist attractions in Washington, D.C.

“I’m excited for our trip to the White House because it is where the president works and is also a symbol of the U.S.,” Marion Schlienger, 16, said.