Summer school classes to receive weighting

Most students find themselves in summer school at least once during their four years at Jefferson. Now, they will be able to receive a weighting of 0.5 for summer school courses which are offered as honor classes during the regular school year.

FCPS implemented a 0.5 weighting for the summer geometry course last May. However, the PTSA voted on a resolution retroactively weight more summer school classes. The FCPS Course Review Committee met earlier in October to make a decision on the PTSA’s resolution.

While the committee decided not to implement a 0.5 weighting for foreign languages, summer school courses which are offered as honors classes during the school year will be receiving a 0.5 weighting. The committee will discuss the prospect of changing the weighting retroactively in November.

Junior Christine Tsao has taken summer school twice, for world history and computer science. While she is happy about the committee’s decision, she understands why the classes were not weighted in the past.

“The decision is fair because you go over the same material,” she said. “But summer school classes might be easier because you just get to focus on one subject.”