English teacher returns to running


English teacher Erin Harris ran in the “Boo! Run for Life” 10k run and Tidal Basin walk.

On Oct. 14, English teacher Erinn Harris participated in the “Boo! Run for Life” 10k run and Tidal Basin walk in Washington, D. C. Her running time was approximately one hour and 12 minutes. The event was organized to support a renal cell cancer research fellowship at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

To train for the 10K, Harris ran three days each week and did various strength exercises, including yoga.

Harris used to run more, but got tendonitis in her foot after running a 10-mile run a few years ago. After recovering, she started to run more, but her workouts lacked motivation and a goal to strive for.

“I need a goal at the end of the tunnel,” Harris said.

While the intense training involved in running a 10k is not most people’s idea of fun, there are times when the experience is very rewarding.

“When I actually have a good run, that’s definitely the best part,” Harris said. “When you run faster than you thought you could, or do the whole thing without feeling like you are going to die, those are the best days.”