Romney: The lesser of two evils

At this point in the election process the only people worth trying to convince are the independent voters. Because right now if you’re a Republican or a Democrat you don’t care what I am going to say because you have already passed judgment. But the independent vote, the voters that will control the election, still have the sense to look at the problems objectively and make a proper judgment of the situation.

The independent voter right now is looking at the situation and saying both the candidates aren’t what I want; the problem is that the independent voter can’t get what they want. What the independent voter needs to realize now is that Romney is the lesser of two evils. As we saw last Wednesday, Obama was completely disconnected and more importantly Romney was engaged. This begs the question do you really want a lackluster Obama running the show for four more years or rather a motivated Romney?

But let’s not forget the candidates’ running mates. Ryan is a leader in economic policy and would bring valuable knowledge to the presidency that Biden could not. Democrats have been very quiet about Biden because they know that Ryan will chalk up another big win at the vice presidential debate Thursday. So adding both the candidates and the running mates together you get a very motivated and knowledge Republican ticket and an old, lackluster, Democrat ticket. Given that not all your views will line up with the Republican platform, Romney and Ryan are easily the lesser of two evils.