Students conclude day with weight lifting


Senior Weldon Burrow spots sophomore Adrian Robertson while he bench presses.

The weight room buzzes with activity as athletes from many different sports work through their routines.

Lifting during eighth period is an activity offered to all athletes during both the season and off-season. Students, who are not on sport teams, can also choose to attend. While most athletes lift during eighth period to improve their skills at their respective sports, others just work on staying fit.

“I like to work on military, squat and bench pressing because those help me improve my football technique and skill,” senior Salim Najjar said.

A little friendly competition may develop amongst different athletes, as they try to best one another’s personal maximum weight-lifted. Not only does this sensitive number spark camaraderie between the lifters, but it also provides a benchmark for the lifters to beat.

“For those of us who are competitive, comparing our personal bests at lifting is definitely a source of motivation,” senior Joe Angello said.

The weight room is a healthy, active and fun alternative offered during eighth period and afterschool .

“It’s a great way to relieve the stress of the day,” sophomore Adrian Robertson said. “I lift with my friends from football because it also helps to build bonds in the team.”