Galloway leads ‘Finding Undeniable’


Senior Christine Galloway posts a flyer encouraging participation in the “Finding Undeniable” competition.

Voting began on Oct. 10 for Finding Undeniable, Under Armour’s nation-wide competition for high schools. Jefferson entered the competition for the second year after winning second place last year. Senior Christine Galloway is once again spearheading Jefferson’s efforts.

“The experience last year of working with different groups of the school, like SGA, PTSA and, of course, Mr. DeRose, made me want to do it again,” Galloway said. “The spirit that each of the schools has is crazy, and I know for sure that TJ has the most. I want to prove that through the competition.”

The winning school will receive $140,000 worth of new uniforms, apparel, footwear and accessories for their athletic department. High schools earn points by gaining supporters and by completing challenges. The challenges are meant to showcase each school’s athletic ability and spirit, and range from uploading a photo of the school’s sign to creating an original “Undeniable” cheer.

The option to become a supporter of a school is a new aspect of this year’s competition. Points will be awarded to each school based on the number of supporters a school has. Galloway is, therefore, making promotion a priority.

“My efforts of marketing Finding Undeniable this year will have to be much greater because there are many more schools competing,” Galloway said.

The first round of competition will end on Nov. 20 at 3:00 p.m., at which time the top four schools on the leader board along with four Under Armour wild card picks will advance onto the quarter-finals round.