Freshman savors Homecoming asking


Freshman Aly Luckett had been counting down the days to the Homecoming dance since June. It is every girl’s dream to receive a dozen roses, a giant stuffed bear or a “Homecoming?” banner during asking week. But for Aly, it’s a reality.

Luckett’s had a boyfriend since the start of the year, and she was certain she would get a unique asking to the dance. “I was excited to see what would happen,” said Luckett as she referred to her boyfriend, freshman Calvin Chen. “I thought he’d do something really cute.”

Luckett is also working to cover the Homecoming askings for the yearbook staff and plans to capture Homecoming from a photojournalistic angle.

“People should be going all out this year, and I’m glad to be there to cover it.”

Luckett said she will also be choosing the cutest Homecoming askings to appear in Techniques this year.

Luckett makes sure to involve herself in all possible school-spirited activities. She is working for the yearbook on Homecoming for the first time here and is part of freshman Musical Extravaganza (MEX), a school spirit dance group that will perform at the pre-Homecoming pep rally on Oct. 19.

“’I’m also really excited for Homecoming Week,” Luckett said. “However, since I’m only a freshman, I’m sort of hesitant to join in. I’m sure I’ll be going all out by senior year.”

Chen planned to ask Luckett on Oct 3, and he will then be her dance partner for freshman MEX. Chen and Luckett have both been practicing for the event since mid- September.

On the day of the asking, he had a fortune cookie that read, “Aly, Homecoming?” and as she opened the fortune, a friend handed him the flowers to give to her. “I just hoped that she wouldn’t eat the paper by mistake,” Chen said.

Luckett is most excited about one specific aspect of Homecoming Week, spirit days.  “If I don’t have too much homework,” she said, “I plan to participate. I’m glad there is no judgment about dressing up. No one will make fun of you.”